Always with the highest quality standards


Over 50.000 acres in the whole country, our own farms and animals are growing up in order to assure the best quality of beef. Our current inventory around 10.000 animals monthly, are ready to be delivered to the international market.

Our company offers high quality cattle from the species Brahman and Zebu. Our cattle stations are mainly concentrate in the province of Santander, which is located in the northeast country in the Andean region (between 05°42’34’’ – 08°07’58’’ north latitude and 72°26’ – 74°32’ west longitude).

The province of Santander cover an area of 30.537 Km2 which represents 2,7% of the national territory and its bordered to the north by the province of Cesar and Norte de Santander; to the east and to the south by the province of Boyacá and to the west by the Magdalena river which separates Santander from the province of Antioquia and Bolivar. Our Headquarter and farm-branches are located in Bucaramanga, capital of the department of Santander, in the northwestern region of Colombia, in the middle of the eastern mountains at an altitude of 959 meters above the sea level and an average temperature of 23-centigrade degrees. It is called the “Beautiful city” of Colombia for being a symbol of organization and living healthy. 


"The pretty town"

Bucaramanga is connected to other cities of the country by road. For air transport, has the Palonegro International Airport. It is surrounded by the municipalities of Girón, Floridablanca and Piedecuesta with which the Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga is formed.

Its soils, from the point of view agrological are favorable for growing variety of products and use for livestock.

The vegetation of the city of Bucaramanga is an area of life transition between the Tropical Dry Forest (bs-T) and Rainforest Premontano (bmh-PM) or a transition between Subandino Forest Tropical Forest and Lower