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It was 1980. Roberto Dulcey Cristancho had a vision, he wanted to become an important key player in the meat industry in Colombia and Venezuela.

// Chronology 

1991 – A new business opportunity to sell livestock to Venezuela just came up; the country could not honor its foreign debt and international credit was closed. There was no other way that negotiate with the International Monetary Fund, therefore the level of rates protection was reduced from 130 to 10 percent and import bans were removed. Those years marked out the promising future of EI, who established a solid position in the market as one of the biggest trading companies in Venezuela, even some lands where bought in order to improve capabilities and productivity.

2008 - Expoganados Internacional S.A.S was created as a legal Colombian Company. Managed by Mr. Roberto Dulcey Cristancho, and his son Miguel Roberto Dulcey Durán, they both outlined the Corporate Strategy for the coming years.

2009 - The commercial rupture between Colombia and Venezuela caused several effects in the economy, a deep crisis in the cattle business with strong consequences for the Colombian stockbreeders. This situationforced cattle ranches to look after new alternatives of business, different from the cattle, however, EXPOGANADOS INTERNACIONAL kept strong and a new possibility to export livestock to Middle East started to sound extremely interesting for the company.

2010 - After a market research, EXPOGANADOS INTERNACIONAL, aimed their objectives to consolidate operation in Lebanon and Jordan due protocols signed by the Colombian Sanitary Authority (ICA) and the health authorities of the Lebanon and Jordan governments, so Colombian livestock was ready to be shipped to this nations.

2011 - This year was the first exportation to Lebanon. Colombian Livestock was transported by sea carrying on over 9.089 animals; this process was the beginning of a continuous shipments. EXPOGANADOS INTERNACIONAL created strong alliances providing excellent prices and quality to local importers.

2012 - Nowadays   According to National Cattle Federation (FEDEGAN), EXPOGANADOS INTERNACIONAL had been positioned as the largest company in the last years in Colombia. New businesses for frozen meat cuts and chilled meat were ready to be developed. EXPOGANADOS INTERNACIONAL acquired more land in order to improve the livestock´s genetics. After all the effort and dedication to be a company recognized for its service, EXPOGANADOS INTERNACIONAL continues searching for new business ideas in order to expand their market and increase the profitability of the Colombian agricultural sector.

Corporate Mission and Values

- Transparency: All operations are Expoganados act with integrity and honesty, compliance with internal and external legal and moral norms, ethical principles that govern society.

- Culture of Quality: The customer service and quality in business processes are grounded in an organizational culture focused on meeting the needs and expectations of customers, employees, users and shareholders.

Responsibility: The Company is committed socially with their communities, that’s why is taking actions to protect the environment and to improve the quality of life and welfare of the society.


- Commitment:  The human talent is involved in the organization of intellectual and emotional way, contributing to the success of the company.

- Nobility: Proceed with humility and simplicity.

- Respect: In the workplace Expoganados reflected among staff an atmosphere of tolerance, kindness and understanding to the diversity of ideas and opinions.

- Kindness: The organization is dealing with recognition and recognition of others.


Expoganados Internacional S.A.S is specialized on breeding and raising bovines with highest techniques to the local and international market, generating value to their shareholders, benefits to human resources and helping to strengthen the agricultural sector.


In 2020 Expoganados Internacional S.A.S will be the most influent animal protein trading company in Colombia and abroad based on excellent business management processes, a strong value proposition and reliability generated to clients and suppliers.


General Purpose

Market and distribute cattle to organizations at national and international levels in optimal driving conditions, health and nutrition, providing the best prices and volumes, improving the quality of life for end consumers.

Specific Objectives.

  • - Increase exports of cattle.
  • - Ensure a records management through health and feed.
  • - Product traceability.
  • - Implement techniques for managing solid and liquid waste for fertilization of pasture and forage.
  • - Implement adequate infrastructure for proper management of livestock.
  • - To establish the company as a leader in livestock farming as a sustainable and sustainable model.
  • - Maintain daily quality checks from animal feed to distribution.
  • - Increase the level of satisfaction of our partners and customers