Always with the highest quality standards




Expoganados International has a great slaughtering and meat processing structure that allows us to process about 10.000 heads per month. Today, we work with 10 meat-processing plants, which represent the bulk of the country’s treatment of livestock. This ten processing plants have been certificate to do meat exportations to several countries as Venezuela, San Martin, Curazao, Jordan, Egypt and Russia. They have a cutting edge technology in safety methods and machinery, and they have adopted international safety regulations to discard biological risk.

They have a professional team composed by veterinarians, microbiologists, food engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and environmental engineers, working together toward the improvement and the optimization of processes. 


They obtained the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Certification (HACCP), which is an approach to food safety that is systematic and preventive. We also have the BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification and the classification “Type I“of INVIMA (National Food and Drug Monitoring Institute), which certify the export quality level of a product.

Expoganados International has 2 big categories of meat selling: Meat cuts and Compensated beef. The most popular category is compensated beef. The cuts that we offer on the compensated beef category are 14 cuts: Brisket, Shin-Shan, Neck, Blade, Flank, Chuck, Striploin, Cup of Rum, Tenderloin, Cuberoll, Rump, Topside, Knuckle and Silverside.

We also offer Trimming, which consist in making meat portions with what’s left after the primal cuts are removed from the carcasses. We do an 80/20 portioning: 80% meat and 20% fat.