Always with the highest quality standards




Strong, adaptable and resistant, this is what characterizes the Brahman cattle specie. These animals are recognized for their distinctive hump on the back and the coloration of their skin. They have high tolerance to head, drought environment, humidity, parasite infestations, diseases and mosquitos, which is essential for their adaptation to weather changes. 

Our Brahman Cattle is also recognized for their fast muscular development and growing. The male weight range is between 800kg and 1000kg, and the female weight range is between 500kg and 700kg.

As cattle producers, we are conscious of the importance of high standards in meat quality, this is why we work every day to offer to your company the best derivate products from the healthier Zebu and Brahman animals in Colombia. 


One of the main pillars of our philosophy is to ensure the best quality from the beginning of the chain of production, to the time when you, or your customers receive the order. To accomplish this objective, we improve, each day, in technology and quality standards. Our first mission is to ensure that our cattle is treated with the best stockbreeding practices.

Our production system is based on native pastures and characterize by the open year-round grazing. There, the cattle can move freely and have natural fresh grass thanks to the great weather and the high precipitation level in our farm branches’ territory.

Each animal is exclusively feed with vegetal protein, without any nourishment from animals and any growing hormones. Expoganados International guarantee the cattle quality from the first step of the process.